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Unread 20th January 2008, 02:56 PM
kelson say kelson say is offline
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Default Kelsonbetta weekend Betta Show 2008

Date of Competition : 8th and 9th March
Venue : Kelson Betta Shop
Entry Fee : S$10.00/-

1. There are 2 judges for the show. All fishes being judged will be recorded with points and remarks in the form of a scorecard.
e.g. score card
Color : 90/100
Deportment : 90/100
Finnage : 88/100
Summary highlight of feedbacks & fish faults

There are 7 Classes respectively.
Categories for 8th March

Class A [Solid Colors]
Class B [Non-Solid Colors]

All Colours

All Colours


Categories for 9th March
Class A [Solid Colors]
Class B [Non-Solid Colors]

Giant PK
All Colours

9-10am on 8th March for HM, DTHM, CT
9-10am on 9th March for PK, Giant PK

7pm for both days

- Prizes & Prize Presentation
1. Each class will have a first, second, third placing.
2. The Prize presentation will be held at 5pm both on 8th/9th March. For 8th March, the presentation is for HM, DTHM & CT. For 9th March its PK and Giant PK.
3. There are attractive prizes to be won.
4. 1st 50 ppl. There will be 50 free bettas to be given away for newbies.

- Send the entries by email @ kelsonbetta@yahoo.com, call him or visit Kelson's store.
e.g. template
Your Name :
Category :
Contact No :

Closing Date for Entries
2nd March (Sunday)


For more enquiries or other info, it will be added on. Please send your enquiries directly to kelsonbetta@yahoo.com. Thanks.
Unread 11th March 2008, 11:48 AM
choongim choongim is offline
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Last but not the least.

Heartiest congratulations to the organisers, judges and participants for making this competition a success.

You're all the biggest winner. Have fun in betta keeping !!!

Hm Dark Solid Colour- 1st Jajabing
2nd Nasha
3rd Rick Ct

Hm Light Solid Colour-1st Keith Yeo
-2nd Martin Bettabite
-3rd Keith Yeo

Hm Non Solid Colour -1st Dennis
-2nd David Poh
-3rd Keith Yeo

Ct Solid Colour - 1st Widy
2nd Rick Ct
3rd Keith Yeo

Ct Non Solid Colour - 1st Dennis
2nd Andrew Tan
3rd Dennis

Dt All colour type - 1st Keith yeo
2nd Sani
3rd Terrance

Plakat Solid Colour -1st Jeremy Lai
2nd Lianho
3rd David Poh

Plakat Non Solid Colour - 1st Jajabing
2nd Terrance
3rd Walet FC

Giant Bettas all colour- 1st Brian Lam
2nd Brian Lam
3rd Ah Buang

Female betta all type- 1st Jajabing
2nd Andrew tan
3rd Specshow bettas

Grand Champion - Hm Solid Dark Colour


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