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Unread 27th March 2008, 10:39 AM
pichet pichet is offline
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Default TBC International Betta Competition 2008

[u]TBC International Betta Competition 08, 24 -27 April 08</u>

Show Chair: Jesda A., mobile +66 (0)89 001 7938, home +66 (0)2 662 2947

Judges: fr. Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand (confirmed)

Show Location: Jesda's Home - 120 Soi Promjit, Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok, Thailand


Grand Champion - Friendship Cup/Replica (fr Division A, B and C only)

Division A, B, C and G(1) Champions - Divisional Champion Cup + 5000 baht

Division F: Wild Type Bettas (pairs only): Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals + Ocean Nutrition's Products

1st, 2nd and 3rd each classes: Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals + Ocean Nutrition's Atison's Betta Spa, Atison's Betta PRO and ON Betta Shakers
G2A: Giant Plakat (Traditonal Form) class and G2B: Giant HMPK class - Awards as in other classes + 1500, 1000 and 500 baht

[u]Regular Classes:</u>
Div A: HM - 14 classes
Div B: CT - 8 classes
Div C: HMPK 13 classes

Div A: HM - 14 classes
A1 Red STM (dark and light body)
A2 Black STM
A3 Red/Black DTM
A4 Dark Iridescent STM
A5 Dark Iridescent DTM
A6 Clear/Yellow/Orange STM
A7 Pastel/Opaque STM
A8 Light Solid DTM
A9 Bicolor/Patterned STM
A10 Bicolor/Patterned DTM
A11 Metallic Light-bodied STM/DTM
A12 Metallic Dark-bodied STM/DTM

Div B: CT - 8 classes
B1 Red CTM
B2 Black CTM
B3 Dark Iridescent CTM
B4 Light Solid Color CTM
B5 Bicolor/Patterned CTM
B6 Metallic Light-bodied CTM
B7 Metallic Dark-bodied CTM

Div C: HMPK 13 classes
C1 Red STM Plakat
C2 Black STM Plakat
C3 Blue STM Plakat
C4 Steel STM Plakat
C5 Green/Turquoise STM Plakat
C6 Clear/Yellow/Orange STM Plakat
C7 Pastel/Opaque STM Plakat
C8 Bicolor/Butterfly STM Plakat
C9 Marble/Grizzled/Multicolor STM Plakat
C10 Metallic Light-bodied STM Plakat
C11 Metallic Dark-bodied STM Plakat
C12 AOC STM Plakat
C13 Symmetrical Plakat

[u]Optional classes:</u>

Div F: Wild Type Bettas (Pairs only)
F1. Small Bubblenesters
F2. Small Mouthbrooders
F3. Large Bubblenesters/Mouthbrooders
Div G: Traditional Form Plakat
G1A. Red/Black
G1B. Blue/Steel/Turquoise/Green
G1C. Clear/Yellow/Orange
G1D. Pastel/Opaque
G1E. Bicolour/Butterfly
G1F. Marble /Grizzle/Multicolour
G1G. Metallic Light-bodied
G1H. Metallic Dark-bodied

Notes: All AOC means any other solid colours like pink, purple ect or other patterns like Black Orchid, Monster, Dalmatian ect

G2A. Giant Plakat (Traditional Form) All Colour
G2B. Giant HMPK All Colour

Thu 24 April 08, 1700 - 2000 Bench-in
Fri 25 April 08, 1000 Judging
Sat 26 April 08, Awards/Prizes Presentation (TBD)
Sun 27 April 08, 1300 Benching-out

Entry Fees: 120 baht/fish and 150 baht/pair for Area 6 Chapter Member and 200 baht/fish and 250 baht/pair for Non Member
Entry Due: Sun 20 April 08, 2400

Please use IBC Area 6 Entry Form ONLY

Judging Seminar:
Thu 24 April 08, 1800 at Home
Registration Fees: 500 baht/person

For all other information (hotels, schedule, ect.) contact Jesda at jesda_attavichit@yahoo.com, jesda_attavichit@hotmail.com
mobile: +66 (0)89 001 7938, home: +66 (0)2 662 2947

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++

today (28-03-2008:10AM) money rate exchange 1$SING = 22 BATH
TEL: +66-99801588
Unread 27th March 2008, 12:15 PM
choongim choongim is offline
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I find time with some entries to be there personally.

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